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Client Brief:

Holiday Greeting Email and Animation

Avenue Four Communications wanted to send holiday greetings to their clients in a unique way. They decided to send a personalized email that allowed their clients access to a winter wonderland animation that was unique to each client.

Avenue Four Communications provided Inergy with their existing client list but had no set creative. Inergy’s task was to design a look for the email and animation.


1. Personalized Email


An HTML email was created asking the clients to view a custom created holiday animation. The email was personalized with a unique subject headline as well as their name in the snow image as well as in the text of the email. The link sending the clients to their animation was also personalized.

The task was further complemented by switching the content of the email to french or english based on client preferences.


2. Greeting Animation


The animation played through and wished everyone a happy holiday. Sound files were recorded for each client and seamlessly inserted into the main flash file.

Once the animation had finished playing clients could rollover each person on screen and each character would say their name.

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