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Client Brief:

Open House

Booth College is a christian based institution looking to broaden it's student outreach. The college boasts a 100% placement rate in the student's field of choice utilizing classroom and relevant experience to educate the student.

The college was interested in acquiring information from potential students and using that new data for their open house as well as future marketing engagements. The creative was designed by inergy keeping with Booth College's existing design and brand. Booth College also wanted statistics on which degree program students were interested in, if potential students would attend the open house and how they heard of Booth College.


1. Printed Open House Invitation


An invitation to the open house was created and sent through direct mail. The invitation asked interested individuals to register online for their open house. Radio and print ads, created by another agency, were also used to promote the event and the registration website.


2. Registration Form

Registration Form

Interested people were directed to a web page to fill in their information to attend the open house and possibly win a laptop.

Once the form was completed a thank-you page was generated confirming their entry.


3. Back-end Administration

Admin Login

A back end was created for Booth College to view the statistics of the campaign as people were entering their information. The administrator had the ability of assigning permissions to different back-end users.


The back-end displayed a list of registrants names, email and mailing addresses. Administrators and back-end users could click on each registrant to find further information submitted by each individual. Highlighted registrants signified people attending the current open house.

Once the event came to fruition a winner was randomly chosen by Booth College by clicking the handy "draw" button. All statistics could easily be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet.

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