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Client Brief:

Member Appreciation Coupon

Vitta Country is a fictitious vitamin and health food company. The company wanted to create promotional postcards with a unique barcode. The company also wanted to have a different percent off based on purchase history. Upon receiving their postcard in the mail the customer would bring it to their store and have it scanned for their discount

The company supplied all client information from their database and necessary artwork. Inergy was asked to create a personalized postcard that could be passed through their store barcode scanner.


1. Unique Barcoded Coupon

Vitta Country Cards

The client’s name was added to the front of their card. The vitamin or supplement on the card was based on their most common purchase. The percentage off was based on how much the client spent in the past. The back of the postcard contained the client’s mailing address, a personalized message and two barcodes, one for the member number and one for the promotion. When the client presented their card at any store the staff would scan the member and promotional barcodes just like any other item in the store. No codes for the staff to remember.

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