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The proof is in the pudding

Booth College

Booth College — Open House Registration

Booth College is a christian based institution looking to improve it's outreach to the general public. The college boasts a 100% placement rate with classroom and relevant experience.

Avenue Four

Avenue Four Communications — We’ve Moved Awareness Campaign

Avenue Four Communications and Avenue Four Print merged and the business was about to change locations. The company wanted to let their clients know of the merger, their new brand identity and their change of address.


E-mail Open Rate — 43% (marketing industry average — 18.3%).

Click Rate — 21% (industry average — 3.1%).


Avenue Four Communications — Holiday Greeting Email and Animation

Avenue Four Communications wanted to send seasoned greetings to their clients in a unique way. They decided to send a personalized email that allowed their clients access to a winter wonderland animation that was unique to each client.


inergy was able to add unique sound files to each individual’s flash animation. They took the time to record everyone’s name and insert the appropriate name on the fly during the animation.

Vitta Country Logo

Vitta Country — Personalized Postcards

Vitta Country is a fictitious vitamin and health food company. The company wanted to create promotional postcards with a unique barcode. The company also wanted to have a different percent off based on purchase history. Upon receiving their postcard in the mail the customer would bring it to their store and have it scanned for their discount.


Increased Store Traffic

“We wanted to increase our our store traffic while finding out which stores our clients shopped at”


We can’t show you everything

Due to our terms of service and our privacy policy we are unable to show all of our wonderful projects. Instead some examples are fictitious companies demonstrating the same solutions inergy provided to our clients. The design of these fictitious companies have been altered to protect their intellectual property and their privacy.