Communication : Innovation
  • Targeting Your Objectives

    Targeting Your Objectives

    Take the time, aim and hit your targets. We help you identify, set, and meet objectives that are specific, achievable, realistic, and on schedule.

    We take all of the variables into consideration and find the best way to spread your personalized message, measure your progress, and keep your audience wanting more.

    Your goals may be to create awareness, generate in-store or web traffic, generate sales, sell subscriptions, raise funds, or build up your database.

  • Organize your Data

    Organize Your Data

    A successful campaign revolves around and evolves with your data. Acquiring that information and keeping it current is one of the most cost effective ways to better communicate with your audience.

    Data driven design and marketing can collect details from your clients and use that information to tailor campaigns to them.

    We can help you obtain these statistics even if the details you have are limited. The more information you have the greater the possibilities.

  • Personalize Your Message

    Personalize Your Message

    We have the ability to personalize every layout element, every word, every image and every design feature in your campaign for each of your clients.

    With goals set and data organized we can now begin the task of designing your message. We have the capabilities to create individualized print, web and email pieces from scratch or use your existing creative.

    The approach we take is entirely dependent on the data you currently have, the elements supplied, the medium you want to use (print, email, web) and your aspirations.

  • Interact and Build Relationships

    Interact and Build Relationships

    The most effective one-to-one marketing pieces give you new insights into your audience. These insights allow you to send them targeted customizable information, improving client relationships.

    There are many ways to help your audience interact with you on a more personal level. Offering incentives, specials, and exclusive access gives your audience the confidence to disclose more of themselves to obtain more from you.

    Personal information (i.e. dates of importance, likes, dislikes, purchase history) can be gathered and incorporated in future interactions. Personal touches make your audience want to interact with you.

  • Track, Measure and Adjust

    Track, Measure and Adjust

    When you measure your progress, you stay on track, adjust or reach your targets, and improve your ability to achieve your ultimate goals.

    We help you understand your campaign by providing statistics throughout your project. This offers you an up-to-date way of seeing how things are progressing.

    We can often improve these statistics mid-campaign. Sending reminders or special offers can often coax more people to respond. It is also possible to segment your list and send information only to non-responders. These follow-ups can use a different medium from your original piece (digital or print) to bring in a new level of interaction.

  • Analyze Your Results

    Analyze Your Results

    The more you know about a person the easier and more cost effective it is to give them what they really want the next time around.

    Every individual’s activities are captured throughout your campaign. Statistics (campaign participation, interaction quality, website visiting patterns, etc) are compared to see how they match your objectives. Different result types are achieved depending on the campaign.

    We help you decipher these statistics and aid in developing a better understanding of your clients. Our goal is to educate you so that you can understand what these patterns mean and how they are useful to you.

  • Develop Loyalty

    Develop Loyalty

    Keeping in touch with your audience in a personalized manner is one of the best ways to create and build strong, long lasting relationships.

    The information you acquire from your previous campaign can now be used in future projects. Your next event can be very targeted, creating repeat sales, the possibility to up-sell or cross-sell your products and improve on brand loyalty.

    Information collected through repeated customer contacts allows you to continuously improve the effectiveness of your messages. Every interaction gives you more insight into your clients making it easier to interact with them.